RaSCSI and Atari Computers
RaSCSI with Ataris and HDDRIVER

The RaSCSI FULLSPEC board has successfully been tested with HDDRIVER 11, a Falcon, a TT and a MegaSTE. For the ACSI bus a regular host adapter is required. The internal host adapter of the MegaSTE is an interesting special case. In all cases correct bus termination is important.
It is recommended to use release 22.10 or newer of the RaSCSI software. The latest releases contain numerous extensions and bugfixes I contributed. These changes are also important for TOS/MiNT/MagiC, Linux-68k and Atari's SVR4 Unix.

The transfer rate measured with XFERRATE, TT SCSI and a Raspberry Pi 4B is about 1200 KB/s. With a Raspberry Pi Zero WH the transfer rate is about 1100 KB/s. Whether the drive image file is located on the SD card in the Pi's memory card slot or an external USB card reader does not make a difference.
There are no byte swapping issues with SCSI/ACSI when exchanging data with other platforms. Thus when partitioning with HDDRUTIL do not enable the respective option.

The screenshot shows information on two virtual drives, a SCSI printer and the RaSCSI host services with realtime clock. The device names and other properties are configurable.

Atari with RaSCSI Board