Demo Version

The HDDRIVER software package supports numerous hardware interfaces and devices, and has many features not offered by any other driver. Try out the demo version and see for yourself. The demo includes a README file with installation instructions and information on how to partition a drive/memory card. In a nutshell: Launch HDDRIVER, then launch HDDRUTIL. Partition your drive TOS compatible if it is not partitioned yet, and then install HDDRIVER by double clicking drive C:.
These are the most important limitations of the demo version:

With respect to the supported hardware there is no difference compared to the full version. If the demo version does not work with your hardware, the full version also will not.

Demo version as ZIP archive

Using the ZIP archive is the recommended way of installing the demo version. Simply unzip the archive and read the instructions in the README file.

Download HDDRIVER demo version Demo version as ZIP archive

Demo version as drive image

If you cannot transfer the ZIP archive to your Atari, drive images with a pre-installed bootable demo version are available. There are two images because on IDE/SATA drives the Atari saves data with a byte order different from the one used with ACSI/SCSI drives.
With Linux or macOS you can write the image to a memory card or hard disk drive with the dd command line tool, and then boot your Atari from this drive. The required command is:


Please refer to the dd manpage for details.
With Windows the Win32 Disk Imager, for instance, can be used to write the image.

Download SCSI/ACSI image Demo version image for ACSI and SCSI
Download IDE/SATA image Demo version image for IDE and SATA

The ACSI/SCSI image can also be used as an image for the RaSCSI board.

The full version is also available as a drive image, and can optionally be ordered pre-installed and bootable on a memory card.