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April 3, 2024: HDDRIVER 12.04 is available
The most important changes in this version
February 23, 2024: Bugfix for the STiNG DaynaPort driver

There is a bugfix for the STiNG Daynaport driver. The previous driver caused issues with software using the XHDI protocol and crashed HDDRUTIL. This bug has been fixed in the new driver version 0.81.
With a MegaSTE with SCSI2Pi/PiSCSI or BlueSCSI V2 the DaynaPort emulation cannot be used together with a bootable emulated hard drive: The DaynaPort drivers for STiNG and MiNT require LUN 0, just like a hard drive the MegaSTE can boot from. Whether the authors of these drivers (both still active developers for the Atari) are going to improve this is not clear. Both are aware of this problem. Other software like ExtenDOS 4 might also be affected.
As a makeshift there is a patched HDDRIVER 12 which maps all IDs to the LUNs of device 0. The emulated DaynaPort can use LUN 6, for instance, but for the Atari this is ID 6, LUN 0. Users of HDDRIVER 12 who would like to test this patch with a MegaSTE and a DaynaPort emulation please send me an email.

January 4, 2024: HDDRIVER 12.03 is available
The most important changes in this version
December 14, 2023: SCSI2Pi improves the SCSI emulation on the Raspberry Pi

The SCSI2Pi project improves the SCSI emulation for the PiSCSI/RaSCSI board, increases the performance and extends the functionality. Besides the sources also binary packages are available, i.e. no time-consuming compilation is required. With the SCSI2Pi client tools the Atari can control SCSI2Pi via the SCSI or ACSI bus. The HDDRIVER forum provides the details.