PiSCSI and Atari Computers

PiSCSI (formerly RaSCSI) has successfully been tested with a current HDDRIVER, a Falcon, a TT and a MegaSTE. For the ACSI bus except for the MegaSTE a SCSI host adapter is required. The internal host adapter of the MegaSTE is an interesting special case.
It is recommended to use release 22.10 or newer of the RaSCSI/PiSCSI software. The latest releases contain numerous extensions and bugfixes I contributed. These changes are also important for TOS/MiNT/MagiC, Linux-68k and Atari's SVR4 Unix.

The transfer rate measured with XFERRATE, TT SCSI and a Raspberry Pi 4B is about 1200 KB/s. With a Raspberry Pi Zero WH the transfer rate is about 1100 KB/s. Whether the drive image file is located on the SD card in the Pi's memory card slot or an external USB card reader does not make a difference.
There are no byte swapping issues with SCSI/ACSI when exchanging data with other platforms. Thus when partitioning with HDDRUTIL do not enable the respective option.

The screenshot shows information on two emulated drives, a SCSI printer and the PiSCSI host services with realtime clock. The device names and other properties are configurable.

Atari with PiSCSI Board