Data Recovery
The problem

You lost important Atari data (partitions are not found anymore, for instance), but your hardware is working faultlessly. Unfortunately your are lacking the expert knowledge to resolve the problem.

The solution

I am offering a data recovery service. As the author of the well-known tool DISKUS I have the required expertise. It is not required (but useful) that you are an HDDRIVER user.
Please note:

Under these preconditions I can try to recover your data. If the recovery is successful the result is provided as an image file for download via SFTP.

Note that I cannot offer this service for free, and that I cannot give any guarantee for a successful recovery. Please contact me for further information.

Cloning media with HDDRUTIL

Usually the capacity of a medium is too big to be saved on a partition. In this case one can first clone the medium on a memory card or hard disk drive. The memory card can then be saved in an image file (e.g. with the tool dd) on a PC or Mac. Also see the HDDRIVER demo version page for information on imaging tools.
HDDRUTIL supports the cloning of media by Drag&Drop. In the device window drag the source medium (the one with the data loss) onto the destination medium (memory card). Keep the values for the start sector and the sector count suggested by HDDRUTIL. The destination medium must have at least the capacity of the source medium.
If you can read the affected drive or memory card to your PC or Mac, the image file can be created directly, of course. Using a RaSCSI board for the Raspberry Pi is another alternative.

If there is (on a different device) a partition bigger than the affected medium's capacity, select the medium with the lost data in the device window. Now select "Save image" and keep the values for the start sector and the sector count suggested by HDDRUTIL. The image can now be saved on one of the available partitions on the other device.